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  • GSC35-20IR Front
  • GSC35-20IR Inside Panel
  • GSC35-20IR Back
  • GSC35-20IR Adjustable Mounting Strap
  • GSC35-20IR Console


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Product Description


The GSC35-20IR is a 2.0 MP Infrared camera with x21 LEDs.  It has burst mode. It has a 1 second trigger speed.  Includes adjustable mounting strap.


  • 2.0 Mega Pixel Camera
  • Infrared Flash x21 LED's
  • Burst Mode 1 Second Trigger Speed


  • Resolution: 2.0 MP Day / 1.3 MP Night Infrared Flash:
  • Incredibly Bright LEDs x21 (40 ft range) Sensor:
  • Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR). Activates when motion and heat is detected (60 ft range) Format:
  • JPEG Digital Still Pictures Image:  
  • Day Image Color, Night Image B&W, Day Video Color, Night Video B&W Snap Shot:  
  • Single | Burst Format:
  • AVI Digital Video Clips 640 x 480 External Memory:
  • Removable SD Memory Card up to 8 GB Programming:
  • Digital LCD Display Battery: x4 C-Cell Batteries (rechargable for use with solar panel) External Battery Pack:
  • Compatible with 6v systems Solar Panel:
  • Compatible Housing:
  • ABS Engineering plastic: 
  • Weather resistant with rubber gasket seal:
  • Mounting:
  • Adjustable Mounting Strap Security:
  • Cable lock hole:


*C-Cell Batteries / SD Card not included* Item: GSC35-20IR

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  1. I was really confuse

    Posted by Satchel on 6th Jan 2015

    I was really confused, and this answered all my quietsons. http://smrrhv.com [url=http://onkncu.com]onkncu[/url] [link=http://kijxztkvas.com]kijxztkvas[/link]

  2. It worked great for the 3 years I used it, then it crashed after rain storm

    Posted by Joe on 15th Jul 2013

    For the price I found ii to be very easy to use and very reliable. I think it took daytime color photos further than stated. Black and white night time photos were ok-good at same over 35-40 yrd range too.

    After a recent rain storm I think it crashed because the rubber weather seal wasn't adequate and I would strongly suggest sealing it when weather is less than idea.

    Battery life was surprisingly long for only 4 "C" batteries.

    Hate to toss it and would love to find out why it stopped functioning and get it back into action again soon.

    I like this inexpensive trail camera alot.

  3. out performs the most expensive cams on the market

    Posted by Troy on 23rd Jan 2013

    I have several of these cams,the c35 model, and several of the high end stealth cams along with few other high end to low end diff brands. and none of the other high or low end brands will even come close to the c35 ir.i dont think i have ever missed a deer or bear that has crossed the beam. i even have pics of birds cought mid flight.
    I also have put the c35ir as a backup cam to the high end stealths and every time the c35ir will have several pics that the stealths did not catch.
    So would i suggest for anyone to buy anything other than the c35ir, the answer is NO. if you are serious about knowing what game you have in your area,and what time it is most active then put these bad boys out and the guessing is over, you have the time stamped pic to plan your next set on the stand. i wouldnt use anything else and if i do i always got the c35ir as a backup to catch what the other misses.

  4. DAVE PALLIES???????

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Feb 2012

    I will buy your cams!!
    send me an email deek248@gmail.com

  5. Really Great Camera!!

    Posted by Chad Trahan on 25th Dec 2011

    I actually won this camera at an outdoor expo and boy am I glad that I did!!!! At the time that I won it, I had never heard of Hunten Cameras? It really is a great camera!!! I have owned the most expensive Moultre, Primos, and Stealth Cameras and none of them are as good as this low end Hunten Camera!!!!

    Now have to admit, where I hunt in the palmettos of South Louisiana, the sun heats up the palmettos and when the wind blows it will take pictures of the plants. But, with that being said, I would rather having pictures of moving plants than missing animals when they pass by!!! It has a real quick trigger speed and it will take pictures farther out than advertized!! The only way you won't get the pic is if the animal is running by, and you will still get a peice of him!! Great camera and from now on I'm buying Hunten Cameras!! Matter of fact I already did!!!
    Hunten, Thanks for a great product!!!!

  6. Review Posted on Bowhunting.net by Tink Jackson

    Posted by Tink Jackson on 15th Dec 2011

    Trail Camera Review – Hunten Outdoors GSC35-20IR (AS POSTED ON BOWHUNTING.NET)

    Great Things Do Come In Small Packages!!!

    Some of the technological advances we have witnessed over the last 10-15 years have proven to be a huge help to us in our hunting endeavors. One such advancement is the use of digital trail cameras to help us scout our hunting areas. Nothing quite like being there, even we can’t be there, to help us learn the animals in our favorite hunting spots, their patterns, their movements and even to learn where we can get away from other hunters on public land.

    I have used a number of trail cameras over the past several years to help in my quest for filling those hard to acquire tags. As part of our 2011 hunting season here in New Mexico, we decided to do a series of reviews on a number of cameras in search of the perfect camera for our extreme hunting conditions here in New Mexico. Which camera can go from timberline during elk season to the lowest desert for our sheep hunts and function everywhere in between for lions, bears and deer? One thing is for sure, we learned a lot about a number of different cameras.

    In this series, I will do my best to relay to you the strong points and weaknesses we found in each one of the cameras we used over a four month period from July through October to help us scout for elk, deer, bears and lions in the high country of southwest New Mexico. Once I finish these reviews, we will put the cameras back to work out in the desert lowlands scouting for our January deer, sheep and ibex hunts. A second round of reviews will follow for each camera at the conclusion of those hunts.

    The next camera we used is the Hunten Outdoors GSC35-20IR. The technical specifications of this camera as advertised are as follows:
    • Resolution: 2.0 MP Day / 1.3 MP Night
    • Infrared Flash: Incredibly Bright LEDs x21 (40 ft range)
    • Sensor: Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR). Activates when motion and heat is detected (60 ft range)
    • Format: JPEG Digital Still Pictures
    • Image: Day Image Color, Night Image B&W, Day Video Color, Night Video B&W
    • Snap Shot: Single | Burst
    • Format: AVI Digital Video Clips 640 x 480
    • External Memory: Removable SD Memory Card up to 32 GB
    • Programming: Digital
    • LCD Display
    • Battery: x4 C-Cell Batteries (rechargeable for use with solar panel)
    • External Battery Pack: Compatible with 6v systems
    • Solar Panel: Compatible
    • Housing: ABS Engineering plastic. Weather resistant with rubber gasket seal.

    Now that we know what the technical claims are for this camera, let’s talk about what we found it can really do. Top to bottom, this little camera was a rugged, excellent, “worth every penny you will spend on it” camera. For the average guy looking to get as many cameras as he can afford in today’s economy, this is the choice!

    The 21 LED lights worked better than advertised far past the range listed. I will be honest, based on the MSRP of the camera I placed these mighty little cameras in a couple of places that I was not too worried about missing a 400 inch bull. Well, not only did one of these cameras get photos of the biggest bull we had on camera this year, but they were pictures outside of the flash and PIR advertised range. I still cannot believe how good this great little camera worked! Overall, the flash system on this model far exceeded our expectations.

    The PIR sensor worked better than advertised as well. The specifications on the camera listed the PIR range at 60 feet. We had numerous photos where the subject triggered the camera at 80 feet and more. The GSC35-20IR does not have the ability to change the PIR sensitivity, so you do have to make sure that you have a clear field of view. As advertised, we would rate the sensor system in the GSC35-20IR as excellent.

    The trigger speed was good. The specifications did not list a response time, however, we did not have many photos that were not full frame with the entire subject in the photo. We also had multiple subjects that were caught more than once in burst mode. The burst mode on this camera allows the user to program up to 4 photos per trigger. The camera was placed at a 90 degree angle to the location we figured it would be triggered from, so this was a pleasant surprise on animals that did not stop to water but were walking through.

    We found the recovery time to be average for a camera at this level, with very few fourth photos in the burst mode being empty photos. Recovery time ranged from 5 seconds in the day to 15 seconds at night. For the money, we were pleasantly surprised with the abilities of this camera in this area.

    Beyond the burst mode, this Hunten model allows for manual setting of delay times between photos of 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute or 2 minutes. We set the camera on the 10 second delay mode, and found that the camera, both day and normally at night, did recover within that time frame to continue to shoot the same subject as well.

    The photo quality was very good for a 2MP camera. Each picture had plenty of color and clarity. We liked the night pictures and low light pictures. The Hunten cameras light sensor was the best that we found, triggering the IR flash earlier in low light conditions than any other camera. This provided for the highest quality dusk and dawn transition photos that we captured. Dusk and dawn are when most animals move from feeding and watering areas to bedding areas, and the transition time photos from the Hunten cameras were excellent. Each picture is date and time stamped, with moon phase.

    The GSC35-20IR camera has the ability to record AVI videos also which adds to the versatility of this amazing little camera. The solid photo quality of the still images carries over into the videos as well, and the video quality is good on this model.

    The Hunten cameras operate on 4 C cell batteries. Battery life was average compared with the other cameras we reviewed. After 4 months and numerous pictures, the camera was ready for a new set of batteries. Of course, battery life is very dependent on the number of pictures the camera takes, and whether they are at day or at night.

    The Hunten GSC35-20IR comes with pre-molded teeth as part of the camera housing that makes mounting this camera to any tree easy and secure. The camera holds its mounted position through wind and bear attacks! The housing is extremely durable as well. We had a number of bears chew on these cameras, and ended up with no more than a few small scratch marks on the housing. The bears thoroughly abused them, and the cameras stood up to every test the bears put them through.

    The Hunten cameras also can also be purchased with a rechargeable battery pack and solar charger. While setup and positioning with these extras takes more time and effort and a clear view of the sky, it sure was nice to not have to worry about purchasing batteries in the units we tested the solar charging system on. The battery packs maintained full charge and worked perfectly. We did not test the solar charger and external battery pack in bear country for obvious reason.

    Overall, we would highly recommend this unit to anyone looking for a very affordable camera. If you are a hunter with big camera needs and a small camera budget, this camera has your name written all over it. For its price, the durability and quality are second to none!

  7. Great Trail Cam!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Nov 2011

    this cam will take 1,000's of photos on a set of batteries. the cam will even take pics of mice eating corn. the only bad thing is wind and sun will pics. are taken. clear day and night photos, GREAT FOR THE PRICE!!

  8. i like mine

    Posted by jim on 30th Jul 2011

    i bought mine at menards also. if you wait, they will go on sale for under 50 bux... i bought a couple of tasco's before this and ended up taking them back. im pleased with my purchase, and i get some very good shots. to bad i cant post photos

  9. Unbelievable battery life

    Posted by Kim Harbison on 24th Jul 2011

    I mounted up the two of these cameras back in late May. I just went back to download the SD cards in them here in late July. One had seventy eight 20 second videos on it, and still had 2 bars left in the battery icon. The other one had sixty seven 20 second videos on it and had been in the woods slightly longer and still had 1 bar left on the battery icon.

    I bought one of the solar panels and will see how it with a set of rechargeable batteries last thru deer season.

  10. awesome!

    Posted by Otter Creek Hunting Club Louisiana on 5th Jun 2011

    this camera is the best bang for your$$!!!
    it has been in the woods since Jan 8 2011
    The batteries (standard Energizer C cells from Wallyworld) lasted until April 25 2011!!!!
    1,363 pictures were taken during that time!!!
    ALL were crisp n clear both day and night!!!
    I'm soooo impressed by these results that I will be buying quite a few more! Friggn AWESOME!!

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